Nigerian Content Plan

LAC lays significant emphasis on maximizing the Nigerian expertise in its growth, thereby supporting the economic development of the country in line with the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Nigerian Content Directive

LATEV ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED is committed to customer satisfaction and long-term relationship, and shall employ processes, techniques and technologies that safeguard the Nigerian environment and encourage the employment of Nigerians now and in future projects.

LATEV ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED understands the Nigerian Local Content Requirements to be:


  • That Company recognizes the long-term value of Nigerian content to their growth, operations and importance to the people of Nigeria.


As a result, they will:


  • Conduct work in a way that has near and long term benefits to community in which Company works, consistent with its corporate guiding principles. This includes working directly and through other to provide education and training which brings together national objectives to improve quality of life which business needs.


  • Work proactively to achieve high level of Nigeria content in the scopes of work for projects, taking into consideration competitiveness and capability.


  • Invest in training to bridge the gaps between business needs and local capabilities.


LATEV ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED hereby confirms that the laid down plan and procedures for Nigerian Content and Knowledge/Technology Transfer will be followed while incorporating our service provision strategies for work. The end result will definitely be an excellent service delivery during the course of rendering its services to the oil and gas sector.