Quality Assurance

In recognition of the need for Quality Assurance/ Quality Control of services and productions in the services provided by professionals to their clients, LATEV ENGINEERING COMPANY has formulated her Quality Assurance / Quality Control Policy to achieve the following:


  • Compliance of all services and products to relevant industrial codes and standards statements and client service/ products specifications.
  • To ensure that the best, skilled and qualified personnel is engaged for the execution of its works and services and continuously.

LATEV ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED is committed to ensuring that quality of goods and services delivered are of the highest standard at all times conforming to local and International standards and satisfying Client’s needs, or, contractual requirements.

In pursuance of the above, LATEV ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED ensures that the best, skilled and qualified personnel is engaged for the execution of her works and services and continuously monitored and supervised for effective performance of the Quality Management System, structured to meet the requirements defined in ISO 9001.

From the foregoing, utmost importance shall be given to conformance with International and local acceptable quality standards, which is intended to sustain LATEV ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED in the competitive market.


LATEV ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED management objective is to provide services and products, which are in conformity with ISO 9001 standard and to Client’s contractual requirements. To fulfill these objectives, the company has decided to adopt the Quality Assurance System and Program as outlined in the Quality manual.

It is required of all personnel to operate in strict accordance with the Quality system, performing their tasks correctly and contributing to the application and continued improvement of the Quality Management System. The Managing Director has the overall responsibility for ensuring that all personnel in the Company are fully aware of the Company’s Quality policy and their individual responsibilities as defined in the Quality Manual.

The Managing Director has therefore appointed the QA/QC Manager who has undergone the ISO 9001 Quality Systems Course as the Management Representative. She shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Quality System via the QA/QC & HSE-MS Department, to whom any queries or problems relating to Quality shall be directed.