Process and Pipeline Services

We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, operators and technical partners who together can deliver professional expertise and quality service within the specified time and budget. We have a good inventory of all equipment / instruments required for carrying out pigging, hydro testing, de-watering, drying (using air and nitrogen), nitrogen purging / inerting and nitrogen helium leak testing, and chemical cleaning activities for both offshore and onshore pipeline projects.

Latev Engineering Company Limited offers the following pipeline services:

  • Flooding, cleaning and hydro-testing
  • Pneumatic testing of pipelines
  • High-volume fluid pumping
  • Sleeving & Hot tapping
  • Upgrading meter stations,
  • Glycol and methanol swabbing
  • Pipeline replacement and repair,
  • Nitrogen purging and displacement
  • Right-of-way mowing and clearing,
  • Caliper and intelligent pigging of pipelines
  • Corrosion/Erosion control, marking and locating pipelines,
  • Pipeline coating, grounds and turnaround maintenance services
  • De-watering of pipelines¬†, Drying of pipelines by vacuum, nitrogen or air
  • Flange management, etc

    We provide the following process services:

  • Nitrogen helium leak detection , purging and testing
  • Chemical cleaning and Oil flushing
  • Bolt tensing and torquing
  • Pipe freezing and Refrigerant recovery
  • Video inspection
  • Hydro-jetting etc